Limonene is a terpene, which is a class of aromatic compounds found in various plants, including cannabis. It is one of the most abundant terpenes in cannabis and is responsible for the citrusy aroma and flavor found in many cannabis strains. Limonene is also found in high concentrations in the peels of citrus fruits such as lemons, oranges, and limes.

In cannabis, limonene contributes to the overall aroma profile and may also offer several potential health benefits. Limonene is one of many terpenes found in cannabis, and its presence can vary depending on the strain and growing conditions. The effects of limonene, like other terpenes, may vary depending on factors such as dosage, route of administration, and individual differences in biology and metabolism. Overall, limonene is valued for its pleasant aroma and potential therapeutic properties and is a common terpene found in cannabis products.

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